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By YOU Digital
10 October 2018


Share a picture of your cute and funny furry friend enjoying Whiskas Meaty Nuggets for a chance to win big!

So you love your cat and you’re pretty sure it was human in a previous life? It’s true, cats do the oddest things. From intriguing behaviour to being downright mysterious, every antic makes us love them a little more each time. Whiskas® knows how much people love their cats. They believe the best way to help owners provide the best possible care is through understanding a cat’s most natural instincts.

Balanced feeding

Whiskas understands how important it is to feed cats a diet that consists of both wet and dry nutritious food. This helps to reduce urinary tract disease, ensures your cat stays hydrated, and helps them get all the macronutrients they need, which are similar to what they would eat in the wild. Look to Whiskas for the tastiest treats in town!


Cats are such interesting little fur-humans! Send us a picture showing just how cute and funny your pet can be while enjoying Whiskas Meaty Nuggets – you could win a year’s supply of Whiskas cat food! Simply complete the form below.

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