South Africa has a new favourite Prince

By YOU Digital
27 February 2018

Play games to unlock the full experience in Cartoon Network’s new entertaining and immersive digital world

A brand-new comedy series chronicles the courageous – and equally hilarious – adventures of Prince Ivandoe. Join the escapades of the valiant prince of the forest – who happens to be a buck – tasked by his father to go on a quest and return with the magical Golden Feather of the fearsome Eagle King.

Accompanied by his dedicated squire, a small bird called Bert, Ivandoe embarks on an epically silly journey as he discovers new and mysterious areas of the forest and an array of peculiar creatures along the way.

The digital-first mini-series consists of 10 three-minute episodes and an adventure game that lets users play to unlock each of the 10 full episodes of the show.

Created by Danish animators who previously worked on Cartoon Network’s hit series, The Amazing World Of Gumball, the game was fashioned to appeal to audiences from all corners of the globe – including fans right here in Africa.

The game is totally interactive and includes tons of hilarious episodes of Ivandoe that, if you’re anything like us, will have you and the kids laughing for hours on end! Little ones enjoy the full experience and play quizzes and watch additional videos to delve into the heroic world of Ivandoe.

A tale of destiny and believing in yourself, with a whole lot of fun and lessons along the way.

Here's our Ivandoe rundown

Ivandoe is a prince and the last in the long bloodline of the Mighty Stags of the forest, which means that he will be king one day. He believes he’s destined for greatness, much like his heroic ancestors. The only problem is, he’s not particularly great at anything. Talent or ability – or lack thereof – is nothing compared to his resilience and desire to complete his valiant mission on his many adventures.

This series provides a moment of pure fun and comedy for parents and kids alike, and is a perfect way to reward kids after a long day at school, and play alongside them!

The game works flawlessly across desktop and mobile, so you can let your children learn, play, and watch on any device with ease.

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