Take the quiz! Are you packing the best school lunch for your child?

By YOU Digital
04 March 2019


Find out whether you’re packing the ideal lunchbox for your child – and how to make it more nutritious

Now that the back-to-school feelings have died down (well, mostly), before we stretch our bank balance even further with chocolate bars, fruit boxes and strip packs of crisps, it might help to take a step back to rethink what you’re packing in for your child to eat. Nutrition plays a big role in your child’s everyday life and affects how they learn and play.

The Day One Campaign was launched in 2018 by Danone with the aim of increasing awareness around the positive contribution good nutrition makes to school performance, and the #MillionMoms campaign seeks to promote just that.

It takes the form of a pledge which focuses on five simple solutions to help moms achieve better nutrition for their families, aiming to reach a million South African moms (and dads, grandparents and caregivers too). You have the power to create a healthier nation and correct the deficiencies. Are you ready to join the movement?

Marlinie Kotiah, a qualified dietician, mother of two daughters and head of corporate affairs at Danone, says, “These first days are a tipping point that could predict whether a child’s body will be fuelled with the right nutrients to help keep them strong every day, or whether they’ll associate unhealthy foods with comfort.”

She adds good nutrition isn’t complex, just a return to the basics. Danone is driving this with the #MillionMoms Pledge for Healthy Change campaign.

“Once moms have signed the pledge, they’ll be supported with tips, the opportunity to talk to other moms and also to ask nutrition experts for advice through live chats,” Kotiah explains.

Do you pack the ideal Lunchbox for you kids? Take our quiz and find out !

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