The best new toys on the block according to Makro kids

By YOU Digital
28 September 2018


Learn more about the cool new toys tested by Makro’s expert little helpers in our top-10 countdown

Readers responded to the call to find the ultimate Makro toy-testing task team. Though the kids who were selected had lots of fun, some serious testing took place.

After all their hard work, the official awards ceremony took place on the 21st of September 2018. Here’s a breakdown of the winning toys.

TOY NO 10: Cry Babies Katie

Katie, the newest sound-responsive addition to the Cry Babies family, is full of surprises. Spoil her with water sips from her bottle. But beware: if you take away the bottle, she’s going to need her dummy or some hugs, or else . . .

TOY NO 9: Robo Chameleon

This cute toy is your remote-controlled bug-grabbing robot buddy. This character, with its LED-illuminated body and moving parts, aims his tongue to snap up magnetic food, and stores it for the next game.

TOY NO 8: Aqua Gear

Get ready to start summer with a blast – of water, that is. The pool-ready, outdoor toy sensation of the season puts the power in kids’ hands, with wearable water cells, strap-on shields, and wrist blasters that have a 5m water projection capacity.

From a sound-responsive interactive doll who demands attention, to a remote-controlled chameleon who snaps up magnetic food and a water sport battle-pack that’s perfect for a summer invasion of epic pool fights. We’ll be sharing the rest of the top ten toys – stay tuned!

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