Your go-to summer spritzer

By YOU Digital
23 November 2018


Looking for something fruity and ultra-refreshing – try the new Brutal Fruit Spritzer

Sun’s out, spritzers out? We’re officially approaching ‘celebration mode’, so the new Brutal Fruit Spritzer has arrived just in time.

Summer is all about chilling and unwinding with friends and loved ones – a time when we reflect on the year that was and make the most of the fab weather while sipping on a drink of choice.

If you’re looking for a light and refreshing alternative to wine, beer and cocktails, this one’s for you. Brutal Fruit has been the cider of choice for many and the new spritzer is the perfect addition to your summer picnic, endless parties and festive celebrations.

The new Ruby Apple Spritzer stands out on the shelves, bottled and brimming with pink happiness – and it tastes just as good as it looks!

Get your girls and toast to the good life with this premium spritzer – a delightful blend of a splash of zesty citrus with sweet apple and subtle hints of spice, grapefruit peel and honey.

It’s also an ultra-tasty option when you want to have fun without being too #lit – there seems to be a party at every turn during the festive season! Pace yourself and sip on something refreshingly delicious – try the new Brutal Fruit Spritzer.

Not available to under 18s! The alcoholic fruit blend contains 5% alcohol, so enjoy but don’t drink and drive. 

Head to Brutalfruit for more.


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