K Naomi on her breakup with DJ Shimza: 'Thank you for breaking me’


Model K Naomi opened up in a series of Instagram stories on her break up with popular DJ Shimza. Rumours of their relationship started last year, which they both denied saying that they were just friends.

Now, the model has opened up to her 252 thousand fans about her heart-breaking break up.

The TV personality started her Instagram story by posting a picture of her with DJ Shimza kissing her on the cheek  and said that she made Shimza her world and he didn’t get it.

 "I made you my world and you didn't get it. Now it's an issue that I'm living my life without you."

She posted another Insta story of the two at a nightclub saying, "Good girls come out last because we are never enough". She then shared yet another post thanking DJ Shimza for ‘showing her that she is able to love again’ after her nasty break up with Lungani Shabalala and  then she  thanked the DJ for ‘breaking her’.

She lastly shared an email which was allegedly sent to her by Shimza which showed the DJ confessing that he still cares about her.