Mshoza speaks out about her ex-husband’s alleged plots to murder her

Mshoza (PHOTO: Qhama Dayile)

Cape Town - In her first TV appearance in a long time, Kwaito star Mshoza, sat down with Real Talk on 3’s Azania Mosaka and revealed the abuse and alleged death threats she suffered at the hands of her husband, Thuthukani Mvula.

Mshoza, real name Nomasonto Maswanganyi, explained how her husband quickly changed after they wed.

She said she felt the new found fame had inflated his ego. She also alleged that he not only increased his public appearances but he would also attract girls by using her fame.

She went on to disclose that she was not a stranger to abuse, as her first husband, Jacob Mnisi used to abuse her as well.

When Azania asked Mshoza what made her stay in both relationships, she explained, “Uhm… this one in particular, I was told that I would die if I tried leaving,” began Mshoza, referring to her marriage to Thuthukani.

“At first you feel like ‘ah, uyangithanda because akafuni ukhuthi ngihambe’ (He loves me and doesn’t want me to leave) but then [its like] uyakuthanda but then u’busy namantombazane (He loves you but he cheats on you).”

She also went on to explain how she planned to escape for months and leave the abusive marriage, she would stock up on supplies she would need while fleeing.

“He would tell me, they would discuss it nabo buthi bakhe, ukhuti, ‘hayi mfana, siyamu bulala lo, ngeke aku shiye’ or unzong’bulala ngo muthi” (He would discuss killing me with his brothers or they would plot to kill me using poison).

As her story unravelled she explained that she was a victim of verbal abuse. He said, her ex-husband would call her stupid and would do so even in front of her children. He also allegedly banned her from going to church, stating that no wife of his would be allowed to go to church, and she must choose between him and God.

However, she revealed that her uncles’ were a good support structure, and wanted to return her Thuthukani’s lobola in a bid to get her out of the marriage before she loses her life.

Watch interview below: