‘I stepped up as a father to her child’- Uzalo actor responds to abuse and cheating reports

Actor Simphiwe Majozi says he would never lay a hand on a woman.

He is best known for one of the leading roles on SABC 1 soapie Uzalo, Sbu Mkhathini.

He was a fan favourite, until he made headlines for allegedly abusing and cheating on his long-term girlfriend.

Actor Simphiwe Majozi trended for all the wrong reasons after the accusations came to light. 

Kekeletso Mahlelebe, a DA councilor spoke to City Press about the abuse she endured in the union. The article stated that “the relationship was a rollercoaster”. 

“Simphiwe was abusive. He cheated a couple of times, and his family was not nice to me, and he did not want to resolve anything,” she told City Press. 

Simphiwe has since come forward and released a statement denying that he ever laid a hand on his ex-girlfriend. 

“I would like to categorically state that I respect women very much and those that have had a chance of being in close proximity with me can attest to that,” the statement reads. 

“I have sisters and female colleagues and friends that are female and laying a hand on Kekeletso is one of those things that just never happened.”

Simphiwe says he and Kokeletso were in a relationship for many years and like any other couple, there were ups and downs. 

“But I have never at any point in the relationship laid a hand on her.” 

Simphiwe states that their breakup was amicable. 

“The allegations come as a shock to myself, close friends, and family as I am of the firm belief that if things don’t work out in a relationship, it doesn’t mean that we need to fight and get to a point where we drag and tarnish each other’s good names and person.”

Simphiwe says he respects his ex-girlfriend. 

“I respect Kekeletso very much, however her false and malicious labelling of me as an abuser and a serial cheater is a low blow even for her,” he says. 

“If she has any proof supporting her outrageous accusations, she is more than welcome to produce same.” 

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 The actor goes on to say that he loved his ex. 

“I loved Kokeletso in all the years we were together, treated her child as my own, took the child to school even though I didn’t have a child of my own but I stepped up as a father to her child because I loved her and believed we were building a future together,” he says. 

“Before the end of the relationship Kekeletso started seeing someone behind my back, wherein she would go to Johannesburg for weeks while leaving her child with me and my helper which I didn’t mind until I learned her real reasons for the Jhb trips. If I was an abuser that she claims I am, I don’t believe as a good mother she would leave her girl child with an abuser for weeks.”

Simphiwe says he never intended to respond to the allegations as he is a private person and a cultural man. 

“I believe that a man can only flaunt or rag about his wife, we were in a relationship but not married hence why I did not announce the breakup when it happened,” he says. 

“The privacy I wanted during the relationship, she didn’t take kindly and would always force me to post and introduce her. It is worth mentioning that Kekeletso has abused me physically for years and has even physically abused my family members which I will not mention. I believe Keke was in this for fame, she was never in love with Simphiwe Majozi but was in love with Sbu Makhathini from Uzalo until she cheated on me with her current boyfriend, and I asked her to leave my house,” he says. 

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Simphiwe then says Kekeletso is a pathological liar. 

“Which includes her continuous misrepresentation of her political position in the Democratic Alliance and her overall lifestyle, and now the malicious abuse allegations against me,” he says. 

“I am also aware of her foundation which deals with issues that affect women including GBV, it is unfortunate that she has decided to take a serious issue affecting many women in our country by creating these serious false allegations against me which I believe is one of the ways to uplift her platform by claiming to be part of the victims at a cot to my name,” he says. 

“I condemn this action and it is harmful to any movement for women as other women who are honest and realistic about gender-based violence in this country as it is a very serious issue.”