Khuli Chana and Lamiez Holworthy on the year that was and their plans for the holiday season

Power couple Lamiez Holworthy and husband Khuli Chana want to make this Christmas special by spending time with kids at their adopted orphanage in Pretoria.

They have a few things they are known for. Impeccable fashion sense, their love of music and being dedicated to their family. 

They've become one of SA's favourite couples, not only because of what they put out to the public, but also because of what they don't. 

They are extremely protective of their private lives and this week, they gave South Africans a glimpse into what makes their marriage work. 

High-profile entertainment couple Kuli Chana and Lamiez Holworthy appeared on episode one of Festive Get-Together in The Life Artois on Mzansi Magic hosted by Unathi Nkayi and chef-restaurateur Alessandro Khojane. 

On the show, the power couple reflects on the year that’s passed along with the challenge of balancing family life, work, and good health. 

They have been together for three years and married for two years. Drum caught up with them on the set of the show and they tell us a bit about their festive season plans. 

“The festive season is our busiest season for us when it comes to working, but we will not be taking time off and [will also be] focusing on family and each other,” Lamiez says.

The two plan to spend time at Galaletsang Orphanage, in Pretoria.

“We have adopted an orphanage. We have been taking care of them for the past year with no sponsors, no funding, just money from our pockets. It's been Khulane, my mom and I making Christmas special for them,” Lamiez says.

“If Christmas can feel like it did when we were growing up then we are happy. We also want to make it special for the kids at the orphanage because it's what we have been doing since we have been together,” Khuli adds.

They are not in there on the day-to-day running of the orphanage but they have taken it on as their responsibility.

“It is not easy. We have our issues, but we are committed. We don’t post about it because it’s not about publicity but a personal commitment.” Some time ago Lamiez tweeted about it out of frustration because she had taken the kids out of shacks where they were living and put them at a cricket hall while the orphanage was being built. 

“I posted that we needed to buy beds at a discount and Jacaranda FM saw this tweet and they surprised us with 20 brand new bunk beds and R200 000 towards the building of the orphanage,” she says.

“Different people have been chipping in and it reminds me that we are not alone and God and my ancestors are making away and we are not crazy for taking on such big responsibility,” Lamiez says.

They plan to make Christmas special for their family and kids at the orphanage.

“Last year was the first time we hosted people at our home and we are looking to recreating that and happy memories together.”

Lamiez is known for being giving on social media and making her followers feel special.

“Giving comes naturally for me. I know what it’s like not to have. I understand the importance of making people feel loved, cared for, and special,” she says.

“But mostly, giving back is my way of communicating le bademo baka (my ancestors) and God and thanking them for doing what they do for me. It was important for us to build this orphanage because God has been so amazing and deemed us worthy of our dream home and in turn, we need to build a home for those who are less fortunate. If I can take off the weight from one person's shoulders, I know my ancestors are happy.”

Khuli gushes about his wife.

“Lamiez has always been giving. Even when we started dating, she had about four or five projects and people she was assisting, there were soccer teams, school fees, matric dance, and sending money whenever needed, even before the noise and all the fame,” Khuli adds.

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The couple are also ambassadors for the new Bathu sneakers Sky Edition range titled #BakeneKaBathu alongside Khanyi Mbau, Somizi Mhlongo, and Focalistic. 

The two met in August 2018, a few weeks before Khuli’s birthday at an event in Nelspruit. 

“It was love at first sight for Khuli,” Lamiez says jokingly. 

“It was guy meets girl, guy falls in love and is super smitten. She was the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen,” Khuli says. 

“She just finished playing a hot set as I was supposed to leave but decided to stay a little longer and never left.”

Lamiez had known about Khuli Chana and was a fan of his music. “Who doesn’t know Khuli Chana? I had the biggest crush on him when I was in high school in Grade 11, and I have achieved my lifelong crush,” Lamiez says.

He had seen her a few times before they started speaking. 

“I saw her about three years before on Facebook. I wasn’t big on social media, but I thought she was an American chick. I did a gig in Sun City once and heard she was on that lineup but we had never met. We hadn’t run into each other and I didn’t know we had friends in common, but we ended up meeting through a guy who was my road manager at the time.”

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Both being famous and building a solid career outside, having a good family structure is their top priority. 

“We keep work separate from family life. We don’t have to invest our time in our superstardom. We don’t attend every event or show. She goes out and plays a gig or we go together, and then we go home,” Khuli says.

“Also bu superstar ba fela (superstardom ends) the minute we walk into the door at home,” Lamiez says.

“At home, he is Khulane, a husband and father. I am Lamiez, a wife and mother, and that is the most important part. It is the reason we have made it this far and why our relationship works. It’s never been dictated by fame.”

When they are together, they like to watch movies and hang out.

“We get a lot of massages together, that’s our thing. We watch a lot of television, we eat a lot and just hang out gossip and laugh,” Lamiez says.

“Quiet times are the best. Our life is always on the move and when it’s quiet, we chill and watch reruns of Law and Order,” Khuli adds.

With fame comes pressure and Khuli and Lamiez have been criticised a lot on social media for their union.

“Outside of my mom, I don’t think I would have survived without Khulane,” Lamiez says.

“He is not only my soundboard but also my peace. I always remember that these critics don’t matter, they are non-entities but also that our opinions of each other matter way more than what a complete stranger has to say,” she says.

“The criticism never comes from anyone doing better than you. It’s always from someone bitter, sad and they are trying to inflict their insecurities on me and I’d be damned if I allowed those things to get to me. But again, more than anything, I know my truth. I couldn’t be bothered by people tweeting from cracked phone screens and free Wifi,” Lamiez says.

Before dating and getting married, Khuli says his life was all about his career as a rapper.

“I’m lighter in my energy now that I am with Lamiez. I am more family-oriented now. I dress way too fly and I am way cuter than I was before I was with her,” he laughs. 

“My experience of being a musician is so much better than it was before. There was a time when all I cared about was the brand Khuli Chana. Early in our relationship, she called me Khulane, my mom calls me Khulane and I am not Khuli Chana. She grounded me and my relationship has made me feel more human, freer to be myself, and definitely a better parent” he says.

Lamiez and Khuli are raising their daughter from Khuli Chana’s previous relationship.

“She lives with us and she absolutely adores me,” Lamiez says.

“She brings our family together and she is putting us under pressure now because she wants siblings. But that will happen when the time is right and when God and our ancestors deem us ready to be extending our family. But for now, we are happy with our daughter and my nephew. They keep us sane and remind us why we do what we do. Our home is a happy place because of them.”

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The two hardly fight but when they do, they are like siblings.

“Khulane has this tendency of not closing cupboards and leaving them open. That irritates me,” she giggles.

He shares some of the little things that make them fight.

“We fight about a lot of things, we are normal. But I always want her to control her emotions. Also getting late for spaces because she needs to have her makeup done. I’m always the one that says, we have to move, let's hurry up and go.” 

The couple is known for their impeccable fashion sense and often matching outfits.

“I don’t like looking like everyone else. I love clothes. I think it’s a Pretoria thing,” Lamiez says.

“I love looking good. Khulane looks really good in clothes. There is nothing that excites me other than seeing him in a good and new outfit. We both love clothes; we make an effort and we don’t try to look like anyone else,” she adds.

Their plans for the coming year include expanding their art collection, finishing building their orphanage, and being great parents.

“I have this dream to build a Lamiez and Chana art collection. We already have a great art collection, but we need to go big and really leave a legacy from art, buildings, and fashion,” Khuli says.

“Yes, putting our names on buildings. But mostly for me is our orphanage, the kids and living our best lives by changing lives.”