Talking money with presenter and businesswoman Boity Thulo

Boity Thulo has ventured into the alcohol business.
Oupa Bopape

TV personality and rapper Boity, real name Boitumelo Thulo, is  all about making money.

She's an entertainer, she has her own hair care line, a signature perfume and most recently, BT signature which a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic sparkling fruit beverages.

“I have this idea in my head, which is to make my dreams come true by taking advantage of the season, and utilising it because I will not be a booming celebrity forever,” she tells Drum.

Boity is so good with making money moves in her career but how much does she really know about money? Does she know what interest or a balloon payment is?

South Africans will get a chance to find out when the television personality goes head-to-head with a loved one as they test their money knowledge on TV.

The first ever financial education game show, the Sanlam Moola-Money show, is set to debut on Saturday 3 April at 6pm on

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She will play against local celebs such as real estate businessman TT Mbha.

The Bakae rapper says a show of this kind is long over-due.

“It’s an amazing show. It is really educational and there are so many little things that I did not know about money in general that I learned while competing,” she tells us.

Viewers of the money show can expect to learn about financial terms which are often used but sound so complex and are hardly ever understood while also learning to make better financial choices in their personal lives.

“It also made me more involved with what my financial manager does, it’s really informative,” she says.

We live in tough economic times where it is crucial for individuals to save and to be mindful of how money is spent.

“Take time out, there is so much information out there, do the research, go to the nearest bank and find out how to manage your money.”

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“From a perspective of growing up in the hood, in the black community, our money always assists far beyond ourselves. Not all of us have access to hedge funds, or generational wealth. We are the generation that has to start creating generational wealth.

“Most of us come from families where our great grand-parents could not leave anything behind for us, but now is the time for this generation to start thinking of creating wealth that is sustainable for the future generation,” Boity says.

She is coming for everything. As busy as she is, she is still planning to dabble in other business ventures. Interior designing or anything to do with homes sounds like the next venture for her.

“It makes me feel like I am tapping into my purpose so that I do it all.”