Why Rami Chuene doesn't regret getting divorced


It's been almost seven years since actress Rami Chuene and actor Tsepo Desando divorced - and she doesn’t regret it for a minute.

In a recent TV interview, the actress revealed that there's more to gain from divorcing your spouse than people believe. She jokingly said that after divorcing you manage to lose some weight.

"You start weighing less," she joked. However, on a more serious note Rami reiterated something she's been saying about walking away from the institution.

"I just feel like divorce, sometimes, is not about just being married to someone. It's about a journey to self-discovery. It's about finding out the kind of person that you want to be. You start working on yourself. You give yourself more time and attention and a bit more credit. You cut yourself some more slack," she explained.

Last year Rami went to social media to share that divorce still ranks among the top best decisions of her life.

In a previous interview with DRUM she explained what she considered to be the ugly side of untying the knot.

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"Divorce is not a bad thing. The circumstances around it are what might be wrong. But getting out of something when you realise you have made a mistake, or you realise it’s not working, is not bad. That is what I did," she was quoted saying.

In a series of tweets she said that a lot of good things happened and cautioned others about worrying too much about other people's opinions.