Karoo bicycle computers acquired by American cycling superbrand

Legible even in direct sunlight, Karoo cycling computers are very popular. (Photo: Hammerhead)
  • SRAM is one of the world’s largest integrated bicycle component companies.
  • It does everything. From drivetrains to suspension and wheels.
  • And the American corporate entity has now acquired a brand with some South African backstory. 

You might wonder what a hammerhead and the Karoo have in common, but those two names fit very nicely for committed cyclists.

Hammerhead is the brand that has brought significant disruption and innovation to the cycling computer world, with its Karoo range. These GPS cycling computers are highly regarded and lauded for their screen responsiveness and intuitive software.

After 700% revenue growth in the last year, Hammerhead was always an ideal acquisition opportunity for one of cycling’s larger legacy brands. And that has now happened, with SRAM buying the start-up.

SRAM has invested heavily in electronic bicycle components. Its AXS wireless shifting system has been revolutionary and that technology has even evolved into active mountain bike suspension. With increasing digital innovation in the cycling industry, the SRAM and Hammerhead deal is a sign of the times.

As part of the SRAM cycling empire, expect even more in future, from the Hammerhead product range. (Photo: Hammerhead)

Expect even smart tech in the near future 

One of the innovation channels that Hammerhead will continue to explore, is seamless integration with hardware and software products from both Shimano and SRAM.

It is notable that despite being rivals in the drivetrain, wheel and brake market, SRAM recognizes that Hammerhead Karoo users might prefer to use Shimano products. And SRAM doesn’t wish to limit choice with ecosystem ringfencing

The Hammerhead cycling computers use an Android-type software architecture which could open an array of app opportunities in future. One of those might be for diabetic cyclists, who use constant glucose monitors when riding.

Hammerhead was founded in 2013, by Pieter Morgan. The St John’s College old boy, who also studied at Yale, attracted investment and approval for Hammerhead from childhood friend and former classmate, Chris Froome.