State capture culprits 'have blood on their hands', says Cape Town church

New yellow banner hung at Cape town central methodist church
  • The Cape Town Central Methodist Church has raised a yellow banner about state capture. 
  • The outspoken church's Reverend Alan Storey says those implicated "have blood on their hands". 
  • Over the past few months Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has handed over three volumes of a report into state capture to the presidency. 

The Cape Town Central Methodist Church has raised a yellow banner on its steeple with a stern warning to those implicated in state capture.  

Reverend Alan Storey said the church had raised the banner on Good Friday to highlight the "crucifying consequences of state capture". Storey said those involved in state capture "have blood on their hands". 

"They are guilty of theft and the deaths that ensue from their theft. State capture makes a handful of people obscenely rich at the cost of making millions of people excruciatingly poorer. Among these are the vulnerable poor who die from all manner of lack," he said. 

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Storey stressed stealing money intended to provide life-giving services was one way of killing someone.

"It is often a tortuously 'slow' death and those responsible are seldom caught, let alone convicted, for it is difficult to find their fingerprints at the scene, but we want them to know that like Pilate of old, no amount of hand washing will remove the blood stains from their hands," he said. 

The hard-hitting church banner states: "They acted shamefully yet they were not ashamed, they did not know how to blush. Therefore they shall fall. Jeremiah 6:15." 

New yellow banner hung at Cape town central methodist church

It forms part of the church's Yellow Banner Theology, in which the goal of the banners was to serve as a billboard for the Gospel.The hand-painted bright yellow banners were aimed at engaging the public on topical issues from a Gospel perspective.

Over the past few months, Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, had handed over three volumes of the State Capture Commission's report to the presidency. Following the release of the first part of the report, the National Prosecuting Authority said it acknowledged its slow pace regarding prosecutions.It announced it had created a task force to deal with the cases that were covered in the report.

The banner also contained a message of gratitude to Zondo: "Blessed are the Whistle-blowers".

Storey acknowledged the danger faced by whistleblowers. 

"We say blessed are the whistleblowers who risk their lives to tell the truth. These whistleblowers are the real freedom fighters of our day. We grieve for the whistleblowers who have been killed while knowing that a bullet cannot kill the truth they have spoken," he said. 

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