Tshegofatso Pule: Killer confirms she was 'supposed to die' a week earlier

Tshegofatso Pule, 28, who was found stabbed and hanged in a veld. She was eight months pregnant.
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  • The trial of the alleged mastermind in the murder of Tshegofatso Pule continues in court.
  • A key witness' testimony showed there was more than one attempt on Pule's life.
  • Pule was found hanging from a tree in Roodepoort on 4 June 2020.

The man convicted of killing Tshegofatso Pule confirmed to the Johannesburg High Court that there was more than one attempt on her life. 

According to key state witness Muzikayise Malephane, Pule was "supposed to die" a week before she was murdered. 

Malephane took the stand on Tuesday and testified how Ntuthuko Shoba contracted him to kill Pule.

He said that, on 29 May 2020, he was supposed to pick Pule up from an interview, and she was to be killed.

Malephane testified: "Shoba told me that a girl arranged an interview for Pule. He did not give me details of the girl. I was supposed to pick up Pule after the interview.

I was meant to pick her up and take her to Shoba's house. She was supposed to die on that day.

He said he had to pick her up at a McDonalds, near Gold Reef City.

Malephane's account corroborated that of Tshephiso Tsita. 

On Monday, Tsita testified that Pule was nearly lured to a McDonald's in Ormonde for a job interview. 

Tsita detailed how a recruitment agency reached out to Pule, offering her employment in the beauty industry.

On the day of the interview,  the recruiter informed Pule that she was running late and she should get into a Jeep parked opposite the McDonald's. Pule never showed up for the interview, Tsita said. 

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Malephane admitted that he was driving the Jeep, but decided to leave when Pule didn't show up.  

When he communicated this to Shoba, Malephane testified that he [Shoba] sounded "annoyed" by the news.

Asked why Shoba wanted to kill Pule, Malephane testified: "Shoba did not want his wife to find out that he impregnated someone else [Pule]."

Pule, a 28-year-old beautician, died on 4 June 2020. She was found hanging from a tree in Roodepoort.

Shoba was implicated in Pule's murder after the State secured a guilty plea from Malephane in January last year.

Malephane admitted to killing Pule, allegedly on Shoba's instructions. 

The alleged mastermind faces one count of murder, alternatively conspiracy to commit murder, and a count of defeating the ends of justice. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The trial continues on Wednesday.

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