WATCH | Experts caution about overusing paracetamol during pregnancy

As if pregnancy weren't complicated enough, researchers are now cautioning that acetaminophen (also known as paracetamol) might affect foetal development

This is according to a new consensus statement recently published (23 September) in the scientific journal Nature Reviews Endocrinology. 

International scientists insist there's a growing body of research suggesting that paracetamol could "increase the risk of certain neurodevelopmental, reproductive and urogenital disorders," the statement read. 

The drug could be linked to conditions such as ADHD and fertility issues. 

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'Encourages more research' 

Experts advise anyone using paracetamol daily for two weeks or longer to see their doctor, but it's okay to take the medication for a day or two as medically directed. 

"We need to remember that it is still the safest medication to use for pain and fever in pregnancy," says Dr Tali Bogler. 

Of the new consensus statement, Dr Jonathan Zipursky says that it doesn't mean the drug cannot be used during pregnancy. 

"I think we need to make that really clear," he says. 

The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada commented that "the evidence for harm is based on animal studies and encourages more research". 

All in all, doctors and researchers agree that pregnant people should take paracetamol in the lowest dose possible for the shortest period necessary. 

Watch the video above for more. 


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