Bride expects bridesmaids to throw her a 'proper' bachelorette party 2 years after her wedding

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  • A bride wants a second bachelorette party because the first one was not what she wanted as not everyone in her bridal party was there.
  • It has been two years since her wedding and the bridesmaids don't think it is necessary to go on the lavish trip she wants.
  • But it seems the bride keeps bringing up this conversation.

A bride is expecting her friends to throw a second bachelorette party because the first one, two years ago, was not what she wanted.

Taking to Reddit, a bridesmaid who is among the people expected to plan this party, shared her frustration with the situation.

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The bride told her bridal party that she wanted to go on a girls' weekend getaway. "At first, she picked an affordable getaway but then changed her mind and picked another spot and for a longer period of time. It was going to cost more money to attend," the bridesmaid says.

Her [bridesmaid] and the maid of honour (MOH) managed to get the money and take time off work, but the rest of the bridal party had to choose between taking time off work to spend money on the trip or the wedding. The bride agreed that the wedding was more important so they did not go on the trip.

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So, the bridesmaid, bride, and maid of honour went on the trip as part of the bachelorette party. "We had a really fun time, but my friend [bride] did keep saying she wished everyone else was there," she says.

But after coming back from her honeymoon, the bride started hinting that there should be a redo of the party because not everyone was there.

"I and the other bridesmaids (in private) at various points agreed we really had no desire to throw her a second bachelorette," she says. But this time around, the maid of honour started contacting the bridal party about it.

She says, "All of us were honest. Most of us are recovering financially from the past couple of years (two girls lost their jobs, my husband lost his job so I was the sole breadwinner for a while)."

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The bridal party doesn't seem to think that this is a conversation they should have because the wedding happened anyway, and there was a lot of money spent on the wedding. The bride lives in a different state than most of her bridal party. "We were spending money on flights, Air B&Bs, the dresses, hair, nails, make-up, gifts for her, etc. Not to mention, all of us took time off work. And I don't regret it, it was a super fun wedding, and I'm glad I was there to support my friend.

"She had a fabulous wedding, bachelorette party, bridal shower and engagement celebration (not all of us attended all events, but they were still thrown). At this point, we don't owe her another lavish trip," she explains. 

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Another Reddit user weighed in, "Yeah. We did this with a friend's bachelorette, we had such a good a great time together that we did it again two years later, only we didn't call it a bachelorette, we called it a girls weekend away and it just happened to involve mostly the same people going to the same area (though we went to a campsite rather than nice hotel the second time around to make it more affordable for everyone)."

Another user wrote: "Not only a paid vacation but one of the more irritating parts of a bachelorette is that everyone is super to worship the bride. I got in trouble with the MOH at one because I teased the bride about something (our normal relationship) and the MOH told me it was bride's weekend and I couldn't do that."

Another user commented, "I could maybe understand if she got married during the pandemic and the celebrations were restrained due to restrictions… but honestly, sounds like she had a wonderful, pre-pandemic wedding with lots of celebratory events, so the entitlement here is… a little much smh. Be grateful for what you were able to enjoy." 

Do you think the bride deserves to have another bachelorette party? Tell us here.

Source: Reddit

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