Mysterious photo of Michael Jackson lookalike has people believing the King of Pop is actually still alive

PHOTO: Gallo/Getty Images

Cape Town - This doppelganger has whipped Twitter into a frenzy with his uncanny resemblance to Michael Jackson.

This after Lourdes Zavaleta (21) posted a picture of a man she claimed was her boyfriend, which she captioned: “Y’all my man is so cute, look at the selfie he just sent me.”

Her followers were quick to point out his uncanny resemblance to the late popstar and the image went viral. Of course, the Twitter comedians got in on the action with some puns on MJ’s mst famous lyrics.

One user asked: “Does he rock with you all night?”, while another tweeted: “So Billie Jean was pregnant with Michaels son?!”

But most of them were concerned with one thing and one thing only – could the Thriller singer still be alive?