8 most memorable acceptance speeches

The best part of any awards show is the speeches. Most of the time the winners are caught off guard and for the first time you get to witness your hero in their most vulnerable moment. Sometimes their quirkiness or humour comes through. Other times you realise how hard it was for them to get to where they are now. And then you get the full on crazy.

1. Kanye West - 2005 GRAMMY Awards - Best Rap Album - College Dropout
Who would believe that the 'Steve Jobs of culture' had one of the most inspiring and sincere speeches in his early years? This win came three years after his car accident where his jaw was wired shut and his rapping future was in jeopardy.

2. Michael Moore - 2002 Academy Awards - Best Documentary Feature - Bowling for Columbine
Not a popular man during the Bush administration, he further cemented his reputation as a political pariah when he called out then-President George Bush on the war in Iraq and left the stage to a lot of booing.

3. Gollum - 2003 MTV Movie Awards - Best Virtual Performance - The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers

Most people love it when an animated character accepts and award, but many were probably surprised at the foul-mouthed split-personality Gollum who went on to swear at MTV as well his own director/creator - Peter Jackson.

4. Taylor Swift - 2009 MTV Video Music Awards - Best Female Video - You Belong With Me
The most controversial acceptance speech in which the ever-popular Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech to say that Beyoncé had the best video. The internet went insane, inspiring a new meme trend.

5. Cuba Gooding Jr. - 1997 Academy Awards - Best Supporting Actor - Jerry Maguire
One of the most enthusiastic Oscar speeches ever. Clearly Cuba was spreading the love of his success.

6. Charlize Theron - 2004 Academy Awards - Best Actress - Monster

This is one of the most memorable Oscar speeches for South Africans, who got a special mention from the SA Hollywood starlet.

7. Yoko Ono and John Lennon - 1981 Grammy Awards - Album of the Year - Double Fantasy
This was the last album John Lennon ever made before his murder the year before. One of the most heart-wrenching Grammy moments.

8. The Daily Show - 2012 Emmy Awards - Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series
One of numerous wins for Jon Stewart's show, this one particularly sits in the memory as his fellow nominees Jimmy Falon and Stephen Colbert tries to prevent him from reaching the stage. Oh yeah, and the F-bomb gets dropped.