Nick Jonas rents a house from Ellen DeGeneres and we're so jealous!

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Los Angeles - Ellen DeGeneres is Nick Jonas' landlord.

The former Jonas Brothers singer has admitted he rents his lavish home from the chat show host, 57, and is a control freak when it comes to keeping it clean in fear of the eccentric presenter revealing his dirty habits on television.

Speaking on her show, in which Nick appeared as a guest, she said: "I don't know if anyone knows this, probably not, but I am your landlord."

Nick added: "I have everyone that comes in my house use a coaster so there's no rings on the tables which is good.

"I'm so nervous though the whole time I'm there because I know I'm gonna come on the show and check in and if anything's wrong with the house it's bad."

Ellen went on to confirm the handsome star, 23, does pay his rent on time but she took a "healthy deposit" from him when he signed the lease just in case anything is destroyed.

She said: "You're a good tenant. You pay rent on time."

Nick's polished house features in Ellen's new interior book Home, which is out next week, and he's thrilled he's part of her new venture as a designer.

He explained: "You made me feel very cool. It's surreal, living in a house in the book. It's bizarre!"

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