PICS: Justin Bieber comes clean to Martha Stewart in his not so innocent Interview magazine shoot!

Justin Bieber on the cover of Interview magazine. (Interview magazine/Steven Klein)
Justin Bieber on the cover of Interview magazine. (Interview magazine/Steven Klein)

Los Angeles – Justin Bieber posed for Interview magazine’s August issue and there is nothing innocent about it!

The 21-year-old also sat down with Martha Stewart and came clean about the good, the bad and the ugly to assure fans that he is finally in a good place.

First and foremost Justin Bieber's only "love" is his younger brother.

The Baby hitmaker who has half-siblings Jasmyn, six, and Jaxon, five, from a relationship of his father's - is currently single and focusing his attention on his family.

He said: "[I have] no girlfriend at the moment, no. I'm single.

"My love? My love today is my little brother. He's staying with me for the next week. So he's my love right now."

Love you more than anything Jaxon

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When he is dating, the Boyfriend hitmaker - who previously had an on/off relationship with Selena Gomez and has been romantically linked with Hailey Baldwin - likes cooking breakfast for his girlfriends.

He added in his conversation with Stewart: "I cook breakfast, and that's pretty much it. For myself or if I have a girl. I made breakfast for my little brother the other day, some eggs, pancakes, and bacon. Simple."

However, Justin isn't worried too much about his single status and feels very "lucky".

After Stewart told him she thought "every girl in America" wants him and he has "too many girlfriends" to choose from, he replied: "I think so, too. I'm a pretty lucky guy."

He also revealed some deets about his new album that will have a "futuristic" sound for very "personal songs".

The Canadian singer revealed that he is performing both drums and guitar on the album, on which he is collaborating with electronic producer Skrillex, legendary rap and rock producer Rick Rubin, and rap giant Kanye West.

"I'm at a place where I'm really happy and I'm ready to share my music.

"Skrillex is on a really new wave and has found a way to take my vocals and mix them and play with them and pitch it up to make it higher with these cool effects that sound really futuristic," he said.

Bieber - who has been known as much for his colourful life as his music since his last album Believe came out in 2012 - said that the album will be about "stuff that I've been through."

"It's just very personal. People will be able to really get into where my heart is."

Bieber, however, did not offer a timeline for the album's release.

"I'm really not worried about when it's finished, I just want it to be perfect, so we're taking our time with it," he said.