A very naked Henry Cavill once locked himself out of his own hotel room!


Los Angeles - Henry Cavill accidentally locked himself out of a hotel room - naked.

The 32-year-old actor woke in the night needing the bathroom but got confused with the layout of his suite, opened the wrong door and ended up in the corridor.

Yes it's true and yes it gets even more interesting! 

Recalling the incident on Late Night with Seth Myers, he said: "I had landed in LA, dropped my bags off at the hotel, met my agent for dinner and a drink and then went to bed.

"I passed out a bit jetlagged and I woke up to the sound of my door closing in my hotel room. Of course, I then realised that I was on the outside of my door - and I had no clothes on.

"Being naked in the hallway is a pretty big problem, but I needed to pee and I was desperately thinking, 'Where am I going to pee?'

"Naked and peeing in a hotel hallway is pretty bad. I was looking up and down the hallway and I was checking out pot plants of all sorts...I thought, 'Do I pee in there? What if someone catches me? That's pretty bad.'

"I remembered there being a fire escape, and so I ran up this fire escape, because I knew there was a pool area on top and a tennis court. I thought, 'Maybe there's a bathroom up there.'"

Finding the tennis court closed off and lacking in facilities, the hunky star resorted to desperate measures.

He confessed: "I just peed off the top of the hotel. I felt like a little boy again. Then it dawned on me that I hadn't quite solved the problem because I was locked outside my hotel room naked and on the roof now."

The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice star was forced to walk naked into the hotel lobby to seek assistance in getting back into his room, but he has learned his lesson from the incident.

He joked: "I now put chairs up against the doors of every hotel I sleep in."

He also talks about the new Batman vs Superman flick: