Amber Rose's son thinks her twerking skills are hilarious!

Amber Rose (Getty Images)
Amber Rose (Getty Images)

Los Angeles - Amber Rose twerks for her three-year-old son.

The 32-year-old's little boy Sebastian - whose father is Wiz Khalifa - finds her "booty-shaking" hilarious and Amber admitted that she sometimes twerks just to make him stop crying.

Speaking on Late Night with Seth Meyers, she said: "My mom actually loves when I twerk. So one day my mom's like, 'Hey Am, do your little booty-shaking thing,' like, she doesn't say twerk. She's old school. So I did it one day and my son was right there and he fell on the floor, like, cracked up laughing, just crying laughing.

"Now I twerk for him all the time. He loves it. That's like our bonding moment. I just bend over and shake my ass and then that's it. He's happy again!"

He's my World #SebastianTaylorThomaz

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Amber is preparing for the launch of her new VH1 TV show, produced by Dr Phil and Jay McGraw's Stage 29 Productions and promised it will be "very sex positive" and "a no judgment zone".

The Amber Rose Show will feature Amber interviewing celebrities about a number of topics including pop culture, relationships, motherhood, race and entrepreneurship and she gushed about working with Dr Phil.

She said: "We're both in the business of helping people, we just do it in different ways.

"Y'know, most talk show hosts get cancelled the first season, so I was talking to Doc - I call him Doc - and I was like, "Doc I'm scared I'm going to get cancelled it's embarrassing'. And he was like, 'Baby, with me you ain't ever getting cancelled'. I was like, 'My man, alright! We got a hit show already!'"