Ashton Kutcher 'expected to testify' against serial killer accused of murdering an ex-girlfriend

Cape Town - Ashton Kutcher is expected to testify in the trial of Michael Gargiulo – a serial killer more commonly known as the "Hollywood Ripper".

Gargiulo, 43, is accused of murdering fashion student Ashley Ellerin, who was said to be dating Kutcher at the time of her death. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Superior Courts confirmed to E! News that Kutcher is a potential witness in the case.

According to LA Times, Gargiulo – who has been branded a "serial sexual-thrill killer" by investigators – is facing two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder for attacks in the Los Angeles area between 2001 and 2008.

The report further states the importance of Kutcher's testimony in piecing together a timeline of events that took place on the night Ellerin was stabbed to death in February 2001.

Michael Gargiulo trial

(Photo: Victim photos are shown as Michael Gargiulo appears in court for opening statements in his murder trial on 2 May 2019. Getty )

In a statement given to police at the time of the murder, Kutcher said he went to Ellerin's house around 22:45 to pick her up for a post-Grammy Awards party but she did not answer the door.

According to The Sun UK, the actor looked in the window and saw what he thought was a wine stain before leaving.

Opening statements were given on Thursday, in what prosecutors expect will be a 6-month trial. It is not known when Kutcher will take the stand, Daily Mail reports.