Carrie Underwood details harrowing moment her husband and sons hid as tornadoes struck

Carrie Underwood (Photo: Getty Images)
Carrie Underwood (Photo: Getty Images)

Tornadoes cut through Nashville Tennessee in the early hours of Tuesday and, according to The Guardian, has killed 25 people, leaving many others without a home.

Celebs, including Miley Cyrus, took to Instagram to share their support for those affected, while country singer, Carrie Underwood, detailed the harrowing moment that saw her husband run to save their kids.

Speaking on the Today show, the American Idol winner recalled talking to her former professional ice hockey player husband.

"He said he had to go upstairs at like 2 am and grab the boys and take them down to, we have a little safe room in our house.

"I bet everybody was crying," she said.

Carrie was on her book tour when the tornadoes hit and appeared on the Today show to promote her book, but like many others said her heart is in Nashville.  

Compiled by Bashiera Parker (Sources: The Guardian, Instagram, Today)