Check out Lena Dunham’s new under-boob tattoo

Lena Dunham. (Photo: Getty Images)
Lena Dunham. (Photo: Getty Images)

Cape Town – Lena Duham got some new ink, this time under her boobs.

The Girls director showed off her new tattoo on Instagram on Thursday and praised the artist, Trine Grimm for her stunning work.

Lena also revealed her new permanent marking was her “first original piece by a female tattoo artist”.

See Lena’s new tattoo here:

The 30-year-old also joked about the placement of her “warrior's chest plate/tit chandelier”, saying it was pretty much in the same spot as RiRi’s tattoo.

The Work hitmaker has a tattoo of Goddess Isis in the same spot. Rihanna had the tattoo done in memory of her grandmother in 2012.

See RiRi’s tattoo here: