Ben Affleck on his platinum blonde hair: 'I'm looking a bit like if Malfoy grew up and had a tough life'

Ben Affleck (Photo: Getty Images)
Ben Affleck (Photo: Getty Images)

A picture of Ben Affleck has gone viral – and honestly, we get why.

In the photograph the 47-year-old is showing off a full head of platinum blonde hair and... is that a bowl-cut?

"A blonde Ben Affleck in more terrifying than him as Batman," one user commented on Twitter, while another quipped, "Not a win today for Ben Affleck stans."


The Way Back actor's bleach-blonde hair isn't here to stay though. The photograph was taken while Ben was filming Ridley Scott's The Last Duel alongside Matt Damon and Adam Driver. 

The film will follow the story of two best friends – a knight and a squire – in 14th century France. When the knight returns from war, the squire is accused of raping his wife while he was away. The two duel to the death, believing God will reveal the truth by sparing the winner, and if it turns out the wife was lying, she'd be burned at the stake. 

Affleck later commented on his viral hairstyle telling E! News, "What the fuck! I can't believe the blonde hair pictures. I haven't even seen the [pictures]. I'm nervous because there's good ones... from the right angle... I'm looking a little bit like if [Draco] Malfoy [from Harry Potter] grew up and had a tough life and grew a goatee." 

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