Harry Styles got a new haircut – and let's just say the internet has a lot of feelings

Harry Styles. (Photo: Getty Images)
Harry Styles. (Photo: Getty Images)

Cape Town – Harry Styles got what appears to be a bowl cut, and girls and boys everywhere have a lot of feelings about their boyfriend's new look.

For the most part, the internet's come to the conclusion though that there isn't a single thing Harry can do to make us love him any less.

A fan account posted the picture that was apparently taken while the singer was in Italy. The Sign of the Times singer's fresh-cut shows his shorter hair falling just over his ears as he sports longer bangs.

Not too long ago, Harry appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone – shirtless – and the internet was in a frenzy once more. But again, users commented the singer really can do no wrong.

"Harry Styles makes everything better; breathe if you agree," someone tweeted.


Compiled by Bashiera Parker (Sources: Instagram, Twitter, Channel24)