Here's why Beyoncé changed the lyrics to Kobe Bryant's favourite song

Beyoncé (Photo: Getty Images)
Beyoncé (Photo: Getty Images)

Beyoncé made the decision to change the lyrics to her song, XO, when she performed it at Kobe and Gianna Bryant's memorial on Monday.

The 38-year-old was among many celebrity guests who attended the service. Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jordan and more come out to support Vanessa Bryant and her three daughters as they said goodbye.

Before performing Halo Bey sang XO, which she noted was one of the basketball legend's favourite songs. "Sing it so loud, they hear your love," she said to the audience seated in the Staples Center.

But she changed the lyrics to the song.

According to E! News, she changed the line "And I'm crashing into you" to "And I'm laughing into you". She also changed "You kill me boy XO" to "Just kiss me boy XO".

Beyoncé was visibly emotional when she sang, "We don't have forever," and when she sang Halo, she also added the line, "He will be your, she will be your halo."

The lyric changes and additions were respectful, considering the circumstances, and touching in honouring Kobe and Gianna.

According to the publication, after her performance, Bey told Vanessa she loved her and was seated close to her. During the service, she was photographed comforting and the mother of four, reports People.