Kaley Cuoco reveals she’s not living with her husband

Karl Cook and Kaley Cuoco. (Photo: Getty Images)
Karl Cook and Kaley Cuoco. (Photo: Getty Images)

Cape Town – Kaley Cuoco just revealed she's not living with her husband – but there's no need to panic.

Kaley told E! News she knows her relationship with Karl Cook is "unconventional", before explaining, "We have different locations that we are at a lot. We are not together every single day.

The Big Bang Theory actress married Karl Cook in 2018 in an intimate fairytale-like ceremony at a horse stable near San Diego, California.

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On her marriage she said while they aren't living together "it works well" for them – evidenced in their very many Instagram posts, lovingly taking jabs at one another.

On their one-year anniversary on 30 June, while Kaley posted images of their special day, Karl wrote, "Everyone posts wedding pictures amongst other idealised images on their anniversary, not me.

"These are images of my gorgeous wife," he said, along with a series of memories – one with food stuck in Kaley's teeth, another of her sleeping.


On the posts that always seem to make Kaley laugh, she commented, "It just makes life really fun. "He loves his Instagram posts. He's his biggest fan," she joked.

And in case imagining the couple apart is still too much to bear, the 33-year-old did put any and all reservations to rest when she explained the couple would eventually move in together.

"We are building our dream house," she explained, before adding, "We are eventually going to be under the same roof – forever."