Kylie Jenner giving these kids $100 for lemonade is all of us on payday!

Kylie Jenner. (Screengrab: Instagram/@kyliejenner)
Kylie Jenner. (Screengrab: Instagram/@kyliejenner)

Cape Town – Everyone loves a good lemonade stand but clearly not as much as Kylie Jenner does!

The 18-year-old reality TV star stopped on the side of the road in Calabasis to buy soda and lemonade and ended up paying a total of $107 for her purchases. 

That’s R1 588. 62 to be exact!

Kylie and her friend first paid $7 for the sodas…

But wait, how can you stop at a lemonade stand and not get some lemonade?

And of course tips are accepted so why not just tip them with a good old Benjamin Franklin…

Much to Kylie’s disappointment, the lemonade was nothing to write home about…