Liev Schreiber, Naomi Watts separating after 11 years

Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts. (Photo: Getty Images)(
Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts. (Photo: Getty Images)(

Los Angeles - Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts are separating after 11 years together.

The celebrity couple says in a joint statement Monday they've "come to the conclusion that the best way forward for us as a family is to separate as a couple."

Schreiber and Watts have been together since 2005.

They have two children and are not married.

They added in the statement "it is with great love, respect and friendship in our hearts that we look forward to raising our children together and exploring this new phase of our relationship."

No other details were provided.

Schreiber stars in the Showtime series Ray Donovan and his film credits include X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Salt and Scream.

Watts has appeared in such movies as St. Vincent, The Ring and Mullholland Drive.