Lili Reinhart opens up about 'frustrating' battle with anxiety

Lili Reinhart (Photo: Getty Images)
Lili Reinhart (Photo: Getty Images)

Johannesburg – Lili Reinhart has opened up about her battle with anxiety and depression, admitting that it's taking her some time to realise she's "just a human who is feeling something in a different way than some other people would."  

Lili started seeing a therapist in her teens when she was struggling with social anxiety, saying that opening up to someone about her problems allowed her to be understood. 

She admits that while her relationship with anxiety is "frustrating", it's now something that she's accepted, even though she doesn't understand it.

On Friday, the Riverdale actress also took to social media, sharing a number of messages on her Instagram stories to encourage others to seek help for any mental health issues they may be facing. 

"Therapy isn't something to be ashamed of. Anyone can benefit from seeing a therapist," she wrote in one post before adding that she has started going to therapy once again. 

"And so the journey of self-love begins with me," she added.    

Compiled By Nikita Coetzee (Additional source: Glamour)