Madison Beer talks about 'traumatising' naked video leak

Madison Beer (Photo: Getty Images)
Madison Beer (Photo: Getty Images)

Madison Beer is talking about a rather "traumatising" experience when she was younger. 

The Hurts Like Hell singer quickly rose to fame as Justin Bieber's prodigy back in 2012 when she was 13 years old. He tweeted a link to one of her YouTube covers that went viral.

Shortly after, she became a target when a naked video of her was shared online. Now, the 21-year-old is getting candid about what happened, writing on International Women's Day on Twitter, "When I was around 14 and exploring my body and sexuality, I sent very private Snapchats of my body to a boy I really liked at the time. I sent these, at 14, thinking I could trust the boy as we had known each other for years and shared feelings for one another, but of course, he shared it with all his friends."

The YouTube sensation said she'd walk into a restaurant and feel like everyone was whispering about the video she felt like was sent to "the entire world". "I was told people were ashamed to be working, or even friends with me," she said, adding that it made her feel "ashamed" of herself.

She continued, revealing that she recently got a call saying another video from that time had resurfaced and all those feelings came rushing back. But she took a stand, saying she was ready to "free [herself] of this weight", telling her 14-year-old self, "You should not feel shame."

"You were exploring your sexuality, you were learning. You should not feel like you did something wrong. Shame on those who betrayed your trust and shame on those who shamed you," she wrote.


The singer later thanked her fans for rallying behind her. "Being vulnerable online is extremely hard and scary for me," she wrote, "but u guys have made me feel so comfortable and welcomed."

Compiled by Bashiera Parker