PIC: Jennifer Garner and her daughter got lost on a kayak but got a beautiful photo out of it

Jennifer Garner. (Photo: Getty Images)
Jennifer Garner. (Photo: Getty Images)

Cape Town – Jennifer Garner shared a stunning photo of herself and her eldest daughter on a kayak with the sunset in the background – but the story of how she got it is even better.

The Love, Simon actress revealed she and 12-year-old Violet were on a “pre-middle-school sneak away” to Sweden when they went kayaking.

Unfortunately for Jen and Violet, they got totally lost for hours, ended up in a shipping lane and had to be rescued.

The pair were rescued by a man named Mattias, who works for the kayak company, Långholmen Kajak, Jennifer used.

According to the official Långholmen Kajak Instagram page, Mattias went searching for Jen and Violet after they called to say they were lost and took a quick photo of them before leading them back.