PICS: Alec and Hilaria Baldwin rescue an unconscious man in New York

Los Angeles - Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria rushed to the aid of an unconscious man on the streets of New York on Wednesday.

The celebrity duo were taking a walk through the city's East Village area with their six-month-old son Rafael Thomas when they came across the man who had collapsed on the pavement.

Hilaria - who is a yoga instructor - quickly took off her young son's blanket and put it under the man's head until paramedics arrived at the scene.

The dramatic incident occurred outside the Baldwins' building in New York and at this stage, it is not yet known what caused the man to collapse.

Meanwhile, Alec recently admitted he's "never been happier" in his life and is open to the idea of having even more children with his wife.

The father-of-three shared: "When a baby shows up that person was meant to be here. And if there is one more meant to be here, or two more meant to be here, so be it."

He said too, that he's perfectly happy with his family life.

Alec revealed: "I love my wife more than anything. I love our family, I'm very happy. I've never been happier before in my life."

(Photos: Greatstock/Splash)