Rita Wilson shares her number online and a few new 'quarantunes' after coronavirus diagnosis

Rita Wilson (Photo: Getty Images)
Rita Wilson (Photo: Getty Images)

"Text me," says Rita Wilson as she self-quarantines in Australia.

The actress and singer, along with her husband, Cast Away actor, Tom Hanks, was diagnosed with the coronavirus earlier this month. Though they're feeling better, they're staying in until they're given the all-clear.

In the meantime, hoping to help those who are also struggling to come to terms with new rules regulating their daily lives to curb the spread of the virus, the 63-year-old has shared her cellphone number online to interact with fans.

"Going stir crazy? Have a suggestion for my Quarantunes playlist? TEXT ME! (310) 299-9260 - I'm giving you my phone number!! And YES... It's actually me," she wrote on Instagram.

"Text me so I can let you know what I'm up to, when I'm in your city (once we can leave our houses), and so we can stay in touch. I mean, not ACTUALLY touch. Social distancing works!"


This isn't the first time the Hollywood A-lister has reached out to fans since her diagnosis. She also tweeted asking for suggestions for a Spotify playlist for others in isolation.

She later shared Rita Wilson's Quarantunes, which includes her own song, There Will Be a Better Day, as well as Céline Dion's All By Myself.