Taylor Swift recalls the night she shared her stage with Mick Jagger

Taylor Swift and Mick Jagger are besites. (Screengrab: Instagram/@taylorswift)
Taylor Swift and Mick Jagger are besites. (Screengrab: Instagram/@taylorswift)

Los Angeles - Taylor Swift texts Sir Mick Jagger.

The 26-year-old singer and the 72-year-old Rolling Stones frontman have become good friends and when Taylor wanted Mick to join her on stage at her Nashville show in September, she simply texted him to ask rather than going through management.

She said: "My dad called me up and said a friend of his was in Nashville and saw Mick Jagger. I didn't know he was in town and I had a show the next day.

"So I texted Mick and said 'Hey are you in Nashville, do you want to come out and do the show?' and he texted back just saying 'Oh what will I wear?'

And he just writes back "What will I wear?" @mickjagger #1989WorldTourLIVE @applemusic December 20

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"I'm always shocked by Mick and his love for what he does. He was on vacation and he didn't have to do my show and he did, completely last minute."

Mick. Jagger. Nashville.

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Taylor also revealed that she and John Legend had just 35 minutes to rehearse their duet of his song All Of Me before he joined her on stage at the Staples Center in Los Angeles in August.

She explained: "My friend Chrissy Teigen texted me to say she was on the way to the Staples Center to see the show so I asked if her husband John Legend was coming. She called and put me on the phone to him and he agreed to come on stage and we had 35 minutes to rehearse All Of Me.

"This was an indication of those who love what they do, that they would come out and play for free on another artist's stage."


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Meanwhile, Taylor recently wrapped her 1989 world tour and admitted being in charge had taken some time to adjust to but she believes she has finally figured it out.

Speaking to Zane Lowe in an interview with Apple's Beats 1, she said: "It's been years of figuring out the balance of being a boss. Certain things you pick up, like no one likes someone who screams, you actually lose power when you scream. Name calling and screaming is off limits. There's no point in ruining someone's day and it's just not effective."