Tom Hardy finally got that Leo DiCaprio tattoo!

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. (Photo: Getty Images)
Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. (Photo: Getty Images)

Cape Town – Tom Hardy just proved that he is, without a doubt, a man of his word.

You may recall the actor revealed in a 2016 interview with Esquire magazine that he made a bet with his The Revenant co-star Leonardo DiCaprio.

The bet: Leo predicted that Tom would be nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for The Revenant, Tom predicted that he wouldn’t.

The stakes: The looser would have to get a tattoo of the winner’s choosing.

We all know that Tom Hardy did in fact receive a nod but lost out to Tom Rylance. Never-the-less, the Taboo actor lost the bet and well, thanks to a snap shared by photographer Andrew Calisterio, we can see that Tom now has a tattoo on his bicep that appears to read: “Leo Knows All”

Originally Leo wanted it to say, “Leo knows everything,” Tom told Esquire but it seems changes were made.

“He [Leo] wrote, in this really shitty handwriting: ‘Leo knows everything.’ Ha! I was like, ‘OK, I'll get it done, but you have to write it properly.’”