WATCH: Trevor Noah popped in at the F1 Grand Prix in Texas and even got to go for a spin in a Merc!

Cape Town – It's been a heart-racing weekend for South African comedian Trevor Noah. The Daily Show host went from watching The Rugby World Cup final and showering praise on our Springboks to rubbing shoulders with motorsport elite at the F1 Grand Prix in Austin, Texas. While there Trevor also did a 'hot lap' with Mercedes driver Esteban Ocon. For those that might not know a hot lap is a very fast go round a track.


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Trevor visited the event, which took place on Sunday and took the time to answer some quick-fire questions.

In the chat, Trevor revealed which team he would join in his dreams, The Boks famous win and a lot more.


Trevor Noah

Now we quickly have to mention the Rugby World Cup, were you watching this morning?

 Yeah, I don't think we have to quickly mention it, we can mention it for as long as you want to talk about it! I don't know how long the English want to speak about what happened in Japan, but I'm excited about it, the Bokke did it, the Springboks are World Champions again, so today was a good day for me so

... Okay, that's enough! 

I could carry on! So I'm just hoping Lewis takes it today because then it means all the teams I'm supporting have won and then, I'm in the game. So you are supporting Lewis this weekend, of course, he could get his 6th World Championship, that's incredible, isn't it.

Trevor Noah

Have you followed his career for a long time? 

It is truly incredible when you look at where Lewis has come from. I remember that first season when he was this close, and then you look at the journey he has been on, I was here when he was in Austin last time, so I mean for him to do it again in the United States for the second time would be wild and to have six is just, I mean you are in the realm of legends now. 

So you follow the Formula 1 pretty closely, and I've heard you've been watching Netflix, do you like the documentary (Formula 1:Drive To Survive)? 

Yes I have, my dream is to join the Haas team….what I loved about the show is that when you grow up watching Formula 1, I grew up watching Formula 1 with my dad, I was a big Nigel Mansell fan and we watched the team grow up, and then Michael Schumacher was my hero. So when you watch the teams, people generally gravitate towards the winners, but now after watching that show I'm supporting everyone on the grid, I'm looking at who is fighting for 12th spot, I'm trying to see what's happening at the back of the grid…so this is the most exciting season for me. 

Trevor Noah

It is a cool sport, isn't it…and you are going to go out in a car on the hot laps… 

I am going out in a hot lap, they asked me to drive but unfortunately I have a contract that says I'm not allowed to show how good I am, so one of the race drivers is going to take me out, and I'll be coaching him around the track, just trying to get him around and give him a few tips for next season, hopefully. It's difficult being so talented, isn't it... It is tough, but I think it's my humility that keeps me in check, and that is what makes me a fantastic person.


Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah

Compiled by Alex Isaacs.

(Photos: Matt Barnes, F1)