WATCH: Beyoncé even makes falling on roller skates look good!

Beyoncé promotes Ivy Park. (Screengrab: YouTube/WeAreIvyPark)
Beyoncé promotes Ivy Park. (Screengrab: YouTube/WeAreIvyPark)

Cape Town - Beyoncé is the queen of pretty much everything, even wiping out on roller skates it seems.

The multi-talented celeb introduced her new fitness brand called Ivy Park to the world just last month and debuted a very sexy ad to go with it.

Watch the ad here:

To celebrate the launch of the sexy fitness brand, fashion retailer Nordstrom shared a special little video of Queen Bey looking seductively sexy on roller skates.

But the best part is that even Beyoncé sometimes loses her balance…

Taking a tumble with a smile on her face, Beyonce tells the camera: “You wanted that shot, you got that shot.”

Watch Beyoncé make falling look good here: