WATCH: Meet the fan that brought Kanye West to tears

Kanye West. (Greatstock/Splash)
Kanye West. (Greatstock/Splash)

Cape Town – Kanye West is not a man of many emotions, he himself has said "not smiling makes me smile".

But in a rare occasion, Kanye West showed more emotion than ever when serenading a fan at his concert at the American Airlines Arena in Miami.

The Life Of Pablo creator was "brought to tears" by a girl named Krystal who was wearing a T-shirt paying her respects to his late mother.

The fan first caught the 39-year-old’s attention by sporting a tattoo of the illustration created by George Condo for Kanye's single Runaway.

In a video Kanye can be heard saying, "The girl with the 'In loving memory of' and the 'Runaway' tattoo right here. You literally brought tears to my eyes."

The Famous rapper then asked for her name, which got the crowd to cheer her name.

Kanye then began to sing the girl's name as the crowd cheered. 

Watch the video here: