WATCH: Nick Jonas wants his 'firm butt' to be spanked!

Nick Jonas describes the firmness of his butt. (Screengrab: YouTube/WWHL Clubhouse)
Nick Jonas describes the firmness of his butt. (Screengrab: YouTube/WWHL Clubhouse)

Los Angeles - Nick Jonas would love to be spanked.

The 23-year-old singer - who famously wore a purity ring during his days as a Disney star - insisted he can be adventurous in the bedroom and would love to be spanked.

When asked by Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen, if it was something he would be interested in, he said: "Yeah, absolutely. I've got a firm ass."

However, he was not quite so enthusiastic about being tied up, explaining: "Not into it. It happened one time, and it didn't end well. I didn't know what to do, it was all ... it was bad."

And he was equally unimpressed with the idea of watching porn with a partner, saying: "No, I'm not into it."

While Nick denied having a foot fetish, saying: "I've never understood that" and insisted that having sex in public places "doesn't really bode well for me," he admitted that "maybe" he would be interested in voyeurism.

Watch the video here:

During his appearance on the show, Nick also denied reports that Wilmer Valderrama split up with Demi Lovato recently over his jealousy of her friendship with Nick.

He said: "Not true at all.

"Demi is one of my closest friends, we're like family, and I also love Wil to death. We've become very close over the last couple of years, so not true."

Asked if it was "fair to say" he was sad over the split, he said: "Fair to say I hope they find happiness and are happy, and that's all that matters."

The Jealous hitmaker - who split from Olivia Culpo last year - also refused to confirm or deny a reported romance with Kate Hudson.