We can finally put those Bradley Cooper rumours to rest – Lady Gaga has a new boyfriend

Lady Gaga (Photo: Getty Images)
Lady Gaga (Photo: Getty Images)

Cape Town – Looks like we can put those Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga romance rumours to rest once and for all – the singer was recently spotted cosying up to a new beau. 

On Sunday, Lady Gaga was seen locking lips with her monitor engineer, Dan Horton – who she's known for quite some time now, according to PEOPLE – while on a brunch date in Studio City in California.

Multiple people spotted the two and told PEOPLE, "They were kissing as they spoke really close up. 

"Ironically, she had a table in the front near the sidewalk, so she was clearly okay with being seen. She seemed very happy when interacting with the guy she was with." 

An insider also told E! News that Gaga is "definitely dating" Dan.

The insider added: "She's known him for a while, and it turned romantic recently. She likes being with one guy and in a relationship and that's what she was hoping to find." 

It looks like it may finally be time to uncross your fingers for Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. But we're happy for the singer. So no more bad romance rumours, please.