We played with James Franco's new app and this is what we thought

James Franco. (GIF: Reaction GIFS)
James Franco. (GIF: Reaction GIFS)

Los Angeles - James Franco wants to give people a glimpse of his creative output with his new app.

The 37-year-old actor recently launched RandoFranco, which features never-before-seen videos made by him that disappear 24 hours after being uploaded and James says the app is a way to share his creativity with fans.

He told PEOPLE: "Over the years I have worked on so many projects, big ones, small ones, videos, films with my students, art, film, fashion, I want people to be able to have a glimpse of these so they're not just sitting in storage."

The official description of the app calls James' latest project "weird".

It says: "Things are about to get...weird. This the only place to watch never-before-seen videos by James Franco, in the new RandoFranco app powered by Maker Studios. It's full of killer bunnies and make out sessions, and all kinds of things you won't soon forget."

James - who drew the wallpaper for the app - has developed the company with his production company Rabbit Bandini Productions and Maker Studios.

What we thought:

We downloaded the app and tried it out.

If you're a Franco fan then give it a try. It's basically a virtual stalking tool. You get to watch Franco shave, work on the set of his latest projects and do little shout-outs to his followers.

The app also gathers all Franco's social media updates - which is handy if you're a Franco fanatic.

The app's menu only has two options. The first being "Feed" where all the videos and social media updates are found in a Facebook/Twitter feed kind of way.

Option two on the menu is "About". That's just admin stuff like the terms of use and privacy policy, etc.

If you're curious, give it a try. But to be honest. Nothing much to see here. Move along, folks. Move along.

Rating: 2/5

Get the app here.