Former princess recalls the moment a military officer tried to sexually assault her

Tessy Antony (Photo: Getty Images)
Tessy Antony (Photo: Getty Images)

Cape Town – Former Princess of Luxembourg, Tessy Antony, recently revealed how she fought off her would-be rapist, on author Paola Diana’s podcast, Unleashed: The Game Changers.

The 34-year-old was married to Prince Louis of Luxembourg but gave up the title of 'Princess' after the couple divorced in 2017. They share two sons, Prince Gabriel and Prince Noah.

Prince Louis of Luxembourg with Tessy Antony and t

Prince Louis of Luxembourg with Tessy Antony and their children, Prince Gabriel and Prince Noah, in July 2014 (Photo: Getty Images)

In the podcast, the former NCO in the Luxembourg Army said candidly, "Another [member of the] military tried to sexually assault me, so I needed to defend myself." The incident happened while on a peace-keeping mission in Kosovo where she was the only woman, reports People.

The mother-of-two added, "I gave him a clap on his nose, and it was very painful for him."

Though when she reflects on it, she doesn’t see it as "a big deal" for her personally because she was professionally trained in combat, she added that the altercation is the reason she speaks out against sexual violence now. "I want to give confidence to all of these other women that experience that. To speak up, defend themselves," she said.

"Because I think we’re still a long way from that. It’s a shameful topic, isn't it? When you’re being humiliated like that, to talk about it. I try with my story… to give confidence to other women to be the woman they want to be," she added.

The former royal went on to speak about her work in education and women’s empowerment, giving royal fans insight into her life now.


Compiled by Bashiera Parker (Sources: Unleashed: The Game Changers, People)

(Photo: Getty Images)