It's our first-ever 'virtual' royal visit! Watch as Prince William and Kate have a laugh with students and teachers

Prince William and Kate Middleton (Photo: Instagram/kensingtonroyal)
Prince William and Kate Middleton (Photo: Instagram/kensingtonroyal)

Prince William and Kate Middleton may be self-isolating at home, but the work hasn't stopped for the royals.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently visited – virtually of course – Casterton Primary Academy where teachers are coming to work every day for the children of essential workers.

In a clip shared on their social media platforms, William and Kate spoke to students – with their bunny ears on ahead of Easter – and thanked their teachers.

Kate said: "To you and everyone who is in during this time, it must be such a relief for all the parents who are key workers to know that their children have the normality and structure and they've got a safe place for them to be. So really, really well done and for all of you, I know it's not easy circumstances, but it's fantastic."


In the clip, the children held up pictures they'd drawn of their parents. One little boy said he is very proud of his mom who is an NHS worker to which Kate responded: "I agree you should be very proud of her, they're doing an amazing job all the NHS workers, so well done you." Another said his dad is a packer in a bakery and William replied: "That's a very important job too, keeping everyone well fed."

The couple shared a few lighter moments during the chat too.

Before signing off and wishing one another a happy Easter, one of the teachers commented she hopes they've got lots of chocolates over at their house for this weekend. "A lot of chocolate will be eaten here, don't worry," William laughed before Kate quipped: "YOU keeping eating it!"