This dirty birthday card sent to her accountant proves Princess Diana's naughty sense of humour

Princess Diana (Photo: Getty/Gallo Images)
Princess Diana (Photo: Getty/Gallo Images)

Cape Town – Princess Diana was the "people's princess" and for many, an icon and role model. But living her life in the spotlight meant she often had to be careful what she shared, and who with. So there were very few people who knew about her less-than-savoury, quite frankly dirty, sense of humour.

Late last year, Julien's Auctions gave us a glimpse into the princess's life when a collection of personal handwritten letters went on auction – one was a birthday card sent to her accountant at the time, Anthony Burrage.

"A belated Happy Birthday for the 5th! From, Diana," the note read. But it was the card itself that had a naughty connotation.

On the cover of the card was an image of a sleeping princess with the words, "A little prick in the hand sent Sleeping Beauty to sleep."

Open the card and the words read, "Only the big ones are worth staying awake for!"

Diana signed her name on the inside and, just for dramatic effect and emphasis, added ellipsis at the end of the punchline.

The card was part of Julien's Auctions' Icons & Idols Hollywood show which took place in November and was estimated to go for between $800 and $1200 (R 11 729 – R 17 594).

According to the auction results, the handwritten card went for double that at $2 560 (R37 533).

One person who did have the privilege of being in Princess Diana's company more often than most was Paul Burrell, her former butler.

He revealed that while many didn't know about her dirty jokes, she often shared them with her boys, Express reports. "She'd spend hours looking for jokey things for their [Christmas] stockings," he commented.

"One year, Harry got fake dog poo."

Harry reportedly tried using it to prank the queen, but whether or not he went through with his plan is unknown. We'll have to ask him when he lands on SA soil. 

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