WATCH: Prince Harry talks about how Africa gave him a 'real sense of purpose' after Princess Diana’s death

Prince Harry (Photo: Channel24/Bashiera Parker)
Prince Harry (Photo: Channel24/Bashiera Parker)
Bashiera Parker

Cape Town – Prince Harry kicked off the second leg of the Sussex Royal Tour of Africa on Thursday when he planted a baobab tree that will live up to 1000 years to promote wildlife conservation. But it was what he said about his mom, the late Princess Diana, that will melt your heart.

Prince Harry said he's been coming to Africa for fifteen years and for him it's been a "sense of escapism" while it's given him a "real sense of purpose" in life.

Referring to the founder of Elephants Without Borders, and his close friend, Dr Mike Chase, he said, "I've been learning from this man for the last fifteen years. Him and a bunch of other individuals he's introduced me to – they're friends. I have some of my closest friends here.

"I came here in '97, '98, straight after my mom died," he said, revealing, "It was a nice place to get away from it all.

"But now I feel deeply connected to this place," he said of Botswana, "and to Africa."

But this isn't the first time His Royal Highness has spoken about his deep connection to Africa. He once called it his "second home" and told Town & Country's Klara Glowczewska, "This is where I feel more like myself than anywhere else in the world."

On Tuesday while visiting Monwabisi beach, His Royal Highness said of Cape Town specifically, "I love this place."

"The people, the energy, the fun, the positivity, the optimism, and the hope," he said, made Cape Town a place worth celebrating