7 facts about the movie that Al Pacino and Evan Peters filmed in Cape Town

Evan Peters, Al Pacino (Photo: Getty)
Evan Peters, Al Pacino (Photo: Getty)

Cape Town – In April of this year American Horror Story actor, Evan Peters and Godfather star, Al Pacino were in South Africa to film their latest movie.

We have rounded up some cool facts about the true-life comedy drama that you might not know, like who the director is, who else stars in the flick and local talent who are included in the credits.

1. The film is based on Canadian freelance journalist Jay Bahadur’s memoir about his time in Somalia dealing with piracy (on boats not online); the book and film is called Where the White Man Runs Away

2. Other than Peters and Pacino, the film also includes Captain Phillips star Barkhad Abdi and Melanie Griffith. 

3. Where the White Man Runs Away is directed by Bryan Buckley, who most recently directed an ad for Emirates with Jennifer Aniston that went viral. 

4. The movie – which Evan Peters has described as a comedy-drama – includes a slew of local stars like Maria Vos (Dominion) and Darron Meyer (Black Sails).

5. The film was also filmed in New York; here is a pic of Pacino and Peters, hard at work on-set.

Evan Peters, Al Pacino (Photo: Getty)

6. Evan was a big fan of Al Pacino before filming Where the White Man Runs Away, but talks about how quickly he got over being star struck in this interview with Jimmy Kimmel. 

7.While Evan was in the country, he did an interview with James Franco for hero-magazine.com, and spoke all about the film and what it’s like to play a real-life person. This will be the second time that Peters has done so. 

Bonus bit: the CEO/Film Commissioner for the Cape Film Commission, Denis Lillie, got a special thank you on Where the White Man Runs Away’s imdb page.