WATCH: WTF is this minion saying?

WTF?! (Photo: Channel24)
WTF?! (Photo: Channel24)

Cape Town – What started out as small yellow little sub-characters in the Despicable Me movie has now turned into an epic movie franchise.

The tiny, clumsy little critters have garnered worldwide fame and a fan base of young followers that gobble up everything that these minions spit out.

With the release of the minions’ very own movie came a sea of publicity and promotional merchandise.

McDonald’s, of course, launched the Minions Happy Meal that included a cute little minion that speaks Minionese.

But the single-celled little bugger seems to have a dirty mouth!

Give the caveman looking minion a bump against the head and it screams out; “What the fuck?!”

Concerned parents worldwide took to social media to express their concern over the fact that the tiny toy might be corrupting their sweet little angels.

However the verdict is still out on whether or not the minions are foul-mouthed cartoon characters or simply innocent babbling playthings.

Channel24 of course had to find out for ourselves and got hold of a caveman minion.

Watch us test the toy here:

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(Listen closely to the fourth and final words he says in the Instagram video)

Uhm…he’s definitely saying what we’re all thinking.

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